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The M.A.X. Strong Bill is now The M.A.X. Strong Act" and LAW in INDIANA.

The newly signed "MAXSTRONG ACT" is aimed at better strengthening school bus safety laws to help protect children across Indiana and the legislation is named in honor of our three children killed at their Fulton County bus stop last fall, Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier.

Since the tragedy, our family has been pushing to strengthen school bus safety laws. Now, as remarkable as it is 6 months later, thanks Senator Rand Head, Ethan Manning and so many other Legislators who worked so hard to get this law past, as well as Governor Holcomb who signed this important piece of legislation into law (The MAXSTRONG ACT), PART #1 of our Mission is Complete!

Though we still have much more work to do, we believe that the new MAXSTRONG ACT (formerly Senate Bill #2) is a great first step in helping to keep ALL CHILDREN in Indiana SAFE!

The changes will go into effect on July 1.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb agreed saying "signing the bill today was the first step towards change. We need more awareness every day on this very topic. This is progress,” Holcomb said.

The bill has seen many changes since its first draft in January when Senator Randy Head, who authored the M.A.X. Strong bill with strong input from our family, introduced "Senate Bill #2 - The MAXSTRONG BILL".

Thanks to the tremendous support from so many around the state who have lovingly become known as the "MAXSTRONG NATION" and of course the MEDIA who kept this story in the public eye since October 30, 2019 that horrible day when a car failed to stop for the extended school bus stop arm and red flashing lights of the school bus that Mason, Alivia and Xzavier were preparing to board, and struck and killed all three and severely injured another boy.

“I think it’s going to make a difference,” Head said. Our family completely agrees with Senator Head, but we still have much to do!

“All the legislators that voted yes showed that they truly cared,” Shane Ingle said. “Not just when the accident happened but now, when it really matters.”

“My children didn’t die in vain,” Brittany Ingle said. “This was a senseless tragedy that happened, but at least now something positive has come out of it, and this is it, The MAXSTRONG ACT, named in honor of our babies Mason, Alivia & Xzavier”

"The night of the tragedy I sat in a lobby all night at the hotel where we were staying wondering what we could do to help our family get through this horrible tragedy. After researching all night, we Brittany, Shane and I discussed creating the MAXSTRONG MOVEMENT and the MAXSTRONG BILL concept and it seemed like the way to go and with Senator Heads help and Support along with other legislators, the media and so many others, today proved it to be the right path for our family with the signing into law of "The MAXSTRONG ACT" Michael Schwab stated.

Here are some key components of the MAXSTRONG ACT:

  • It increases penalties for violators, including creating a violation that results in death, which becomes a Level 5 felony.
  • It encourages curbside drop-offs and pickups that keep children from having to cross the road on Indiana highways in high-speed areas.
  • It increases public awareness about Indiana’s school bus laws when getting or renewing a license.
  • It requires school districts to review bus routes every year by Sept. 1.
  • It allows school districts to petition for slower speed zones in trouble areas.
  • It allows schools to install and use stop arm cameras. School districts may petition their counties to pay for the equipment using money collected from penalties. Counties may decline.

Our family is still heartbroken more than words can say, but we feel this helps makes things a little easier that our three little ones will forever be remembered for making a difference.

“[I’m leaving here feeling] invincible,” Ingle said. “It makes us feel like the walls are all coming down and we can do more.”