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  • Dedicated to improving safety for ALL CHILDREN
    that ride school buses across INDIANA, ACROSS THE U.S.A.
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  • In Loving Memory of "Mason Ingle, Alivia Stahl, Xzavier Ingle"
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Working to ensure that every school bus in Indiana and across the U.S.A. is fitted with "School Bus Stop Arm Cameras".
School bus stop arm cameras are not the cure all, but it's a great first step of many that will help to assure the safety of our children each day.


Working to help reduce dangers for Children when being picked up and dropped off at their school bus stop locations. The stakes are too high, the dangers to our children are to real, prohibiting buses from requiring children crossing the road MUST be a priority.


Working to promote new and stronger legislation to hold those accountable that violate the law by not stopping when a school bus stop arm is deployed. Enforcement is the key, and with more than 3,000 Near Misses each day in Indiana alone, it's time to take ACTION NOW!

The MAXSTRONG Bill is now officially - "THE MAXSTRONG ACT"

The newly signed "MAXSTRONG ACT" is aimed at better strengthening school bus safety laws to help protect children across Indiana and the legislation is named in honor of our three children killed at their Fulton County bus stop last fall, Mason, Alivia, and Xzavier.

Since the tragedy, our family has been pushing to strengthen school bus safety laws. Now, as remarkable as it is 6 months later, thanks Senator Rand Head, Ethan Manning and so many other Legislators who worked so hard to get this law past, as well as Governor Holcomb who signed this important piece of legislation into law (The MAXSTRONG ACT), PART #1 of our Mission is Complete!

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Some of the things that should be included in any new legislation to authorize the use of automated side stop signal arm enforcement systems (school bus stop arm cameras) would be :

  • Require the driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking a bus stopped on a highway or trafficway to stop at least 50 feet before reaching the school bus when the red signal lights on the school bus are flashing and the side stop signal arms are activated
  • Prohibit the driver from proceeding past a stopped bus until the flashing red signal lights are no longer activated and the school bus stop arm has been removed.
  • Authorize a school bus driver to prepare a report if a driver is observed violating these rules
  • Require the driver of a vehicle meeting or overtaking any school bus to proceed past the school bus with caution and be prepared to stop when the amber signal lights are flashing
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Here's What The Public Is Saying - In Their Own Words...

  • We definitely need to do something to protect the innocent children. They are our future. We also need to have stiffer penalties for those who violate those PROTECTIONS.
    Christina - Peru, IN
  • Praying something is done to prevent this from happening again..SO SAD.
    Jessica - Galveston, IN
  • All buses need cameras to catch drivers disobey the law. Drivers should face large fines for offending.
    Mary - SouthBend, IN
  • Max strong we need to protect our babies. We need this passed.
    Stephanie - Winamac, IN
  • I am totally in favor of this idea. something must be done about people dis-REGARDING school bus stop signs. I totally support this idea.
    Jim - Kokomo, IN
  • I do think all bus should have cameras so they can help stop people from just hitting children and I believe they should follow rules if not give them a ticket
    Alysia - Knox, IN
  • There have been far too many tragedies involving school BUSes lately. I think putting cameras on the stop arms will really help to stop this from happening so often.
    Aubriana - Winamac, IN
  • Any and every possible measure needs to be taken to keep our children safe. Along with top arm Cameras no child should have to walk across the street to load or unload the bus.
    Jessica - Logansport, IN



MAX STRONG FOUNDATION to donate automated side stop signal arm enforcement systems (school bus stop arm cameras) in Areas of Need

Another part of our mission is to secure funding that will allow us to donate "automated side stop signal arm enforcement systems (school bus stop arm cameras) " to areas of Indiana in need of assistance. All funds donated to "MAX STRONG" will be used to purchase and install school bus stop arm cameras help raise and promote school bus safety through different means including:

  • Helping to raise funds and secure donations so that "automated stop signal arm enforcement systems" can be a part of all school systems throughout the State of Indiana. "
  • Purchasing & Installing "automated side stop signal arm enforcement systems (school bus stop arm cameras)" on buses in economically challenged areas.
  • Raising Awareness to School Bus Safety through TV Advertisements (PSA's), Newspaper & Radio Ads, Social Media, Email/Mail campaigns, Billboards, Flyers and more.
  • Working to bring meaningful legislation to Indiana to improve safety for children riding school buses in Indiana each day
  • Assist in conducting reviews of school bus safety routes, facilitating high level risk assessments to Identify Hazards, Unwanted Events, Likelihood & Severity of incidents, Effective Controls to eliminate or mitigate the risks and hazards of school bus travel on Indiana School Buses
    and much more...
  • Providing information to school systems to help them identify hazards and create effective plans for school bus route safety.

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